VB IDE(Integrated Development Environment)

The Visual Studio IDE is a Comprehensive environment to develop and execute .NET applications. It contains a menu bar, toolbars and several windows that help you to design the UI of .NET applications and execute them. This IDE is shared by all the programming languages that are supported by visual studio 2010.

Major components of Visual Studio IDE are:

  • Start Page
  • Menu Bar and Toolbars
  • Solution Explorer
  • The Properties Window
  • Toolbox
  • Designer and Code Editor
  • Server Explorer
  • The Output Window

Detailed Description about all Components

Start Page:- It is the first Page that appears whenever you open VS 2010.It offers various links to access the recently opened applications, the resources, articles etc.

Menu Bar and Toolbars:- The menu bar is a collection of menus, each of which contains a logical set of options to perform various tasks. The menu bar may include :-File ,Edit, View, Build, Debug, and Help options. The toolbars appear just below the menu bar and have shortcuts for the most of common menu operations and other tasks. Common toolbars are Standard, Build, Debug, Layout and Help.

Solution Explorer:- A .NET application is contained in a solution, which contains one or more projects, files, and other resources. The projects and files of a solution are displayed in a visual studio IDE Window, called Solution Explorer. It always displays the projects and files in a hierarchical manner.

  • Properties Window
  • Show all Files Buttons
  • Refresh Button
  • View Code Button
  • View Designer Button
  • View Class Diagram Button

The Properties Window:- The projects and files contained in a solution have various attributes or properties associated with them. The properties window is used to display the associated attributes.

Toolbox:- It is a window that contains icons for various items and controls that you can add to a .NET application to design the user interface of the application. The icons in Toolbox are logically grouped under various tabs.

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