VB Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)

This feature allows to implement the dynamic languages, such as Python and Ruby. This implies that DLR is a runtime environment that adds services to CLR, to implement dynamic languages.

1 Expression Trees Allows you to define variable assignments and function loops.
2 Call Site Caching Allows DLR to store information about method calls so that in case of any subsequent calls to the method, the DLR can use the cache history information.
3 Dynamic object interoperability Refers to the set of classes that can be used to create dynamic objects.

Parallel Computing:- When a large problem is divided into small parts that are addresses simultaneously, it is known as parallel computing. .NET Framework provides this new programming model which handles multithreaded and asynchronous code created by developers

Managed Extensibility Framework:- This is the new library included in the .NET Framework 4.0 to create lightweight and extensible applications. It helps in reusing the extensions in more than one applications

In-Process-Side-By-Side-Execution:- The In-Process-Side-By-Side-Execution feature supports the loading and starting of multiple versions of .NET Framework by an application within the same process.

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