VB Common Language Runtime (CLR)

It is one of the most important and central components of the .NET Framework.

It essentially provides a runtime or execution environment within which all .NET applications run.

1Memory Management
2Exception Handling
5Thread Execution
6Code Execution
7Type Safety
8Verification and Compilation

It manages the execution of .NET applications.

The code that runs under CLR is called as managed code while the code that is compiled into native or machine code and is directly executed by an O.S is known as undamaged code.

It provides Inter probability between various .NET languages such as Visual C#, Visual Basic or Visual C++.

It also provides a Common Environment for the execution of code written in any language present in IDE.

All .NET applications when run are compiled into an Intermediate Code called the MSIL(Microsoft Intermediate Language) or IL by the language compiler.

The MSIL is then used by the JIT(Just In Time) Compiler to compile the code into the native machine code, which is the final executable code.

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