HTML Marquee

It is used to move the text on the web page.

*openging <marquee> and closeing </marquee> tag.
Align Alignment of the text according to the marquee top, middle and bottom etc.
BehaviorCan be scroll by default, slide and alternate.
Bgcolor Sets the background color for the marquee box.
Dir Specifies the direction of text ie, ltr or rtl.
Direction Sets the movement direction-right ,left,up or down.
Height Specifies the height of the marquee box.
LoopSpecifies how many times a movement should occur.
WidthThe area to be covered horizontaly on a web page.
Scroll amount Determines the speed of the movement of text. Higher the value, more is the speed.
Scroll DelaySets the value to slow the movement of text. Higher the value, slow is the movement


  <title> Welcome to HTML Tutroial </title> 
   <marquee behavior="scroll" bgcolor="#CC0000" direction="down" width="200px" 
   height="100px" align="middle" loop="-1" scrollamount="20"> 
   Welcome HTML Tutorial

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