ASP.NET Examples

How to use BulletedList in
BulletedList is a Standard Toolbox control. It is very easy and essential control.

How to use ValidationSummary control in
How can we display all validation error messages as summary using validationsummary control. here we uses three text box and make them required field using requiredfieldvalidator control. when someone submit form without entering textboxes value, he got a validatio...

How to validate a DropDownList in
When users submit a form without changing selection of a dropdownlist items, then the first item is post to server as selected item if there is no initial selected item. normally web developers put an instruction only item at dropdownlist items top such as an item with text...

How to Validate ListBox in
Create a Web Form name ListBoxValidation.aspx. We can use RequiredFieldValidator Control for ListBox Control's Validation check. Here I show that a visitor must be select one Item when he submits the page. If he not selects any item then the RequiredFieldValidato...

Remove an item by index from DropDownList in c#
The following example show you how can we remove (delete) dropdownlist list item from specific index position by it's index number.

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