C++ Keywords

C++ reserves a set of 63 words for it's own use. These words are called keywords, and each of these keywords has a special meaning with in the C++ language.

The 15 keywords that are starred (*) were added to the language after it's initial release, consequently, some older reference books or material may omit these.

asmautobool *breakcasecatchcharclass
constconst_cast *continuedefaultdeletedodoubledynamic_cast *
elseenumexplicit *export *externfalse *floatfor
friendgotoifinlineintlongmutable *namespace *
newoperatorprivateprotectedpublicregisterreinterpret_cast *return
shortsignedsizeofstaticstatic_cast *structswitchtemplate
thisthrowtrue *trytypedeftypeid *typename *union
unsignedusing *virtualvoidvolatilewchar_t *while

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