ASP.NET Properties of the Server Controls

ASP.NET server controls with a visual aspect are derived from the WebControl class and inherit all the properties, events, and methods of this class.

The WebControl class itself and some other server controls that are not visually rendered are derived from the System.Web.UI.Control class. For example, PlaceHolder control or XML control.

ASP.Net server controls inherit all properties, events, and methods of the WebControl and System.Web.UI.Control class.

The following table shows the inherited properties, common to all server controls:

Property Description
AccessKey Pressing this key with the Alt key moves focus to the control.
Attributes It is the collection of arbitrary attributes (for rendering only) that do not correspond to properties on the control.
BackColor Background color.
BindingContainer The control that contains this control's data binding.
BorderColor Border color.
BorderStyle Border style.
BorderWidth Border width.
CausesValidation Indicates if it causes validation.
ChildControlCreated It indicates whether the server control's child controls have been created.
ClientID Control ID for HTML markup.
Context The HttpContext object associated with the server control.
Controls Collection of all controls contained within the control.
ControlStyle The style of the Web server control.
CssClass CSS class
DataItemContainer Gets a reference to the naming container if the naming container implements IDataItemContainer.
DataKeysContainer Gets a reference to the naming container if the naming container implements IDataKeysControl.
DesignMode It indicates whether the control is being used on a design surface.
DisabledCssClass Gets or sets the CSS class to apply to the rendered HTML element when the control is disabled.
Enabled Indicates whether the control is grayed out.
EnableTheming Indicates whether theming applies to the control.
EnableViewState Indicates whether the view state of the control is maintained.
Events Gets a list of event handler delegates for the control.
Font Font.
Forecolor Foreground color.
HasAttributes Indicates whether the control has attributes set.
HasChildViewState Indicates whether the current server control's child controls have any saved view-state settings.
Height Height in pixels or %.
ID Identifier for the control.
IsChildControlStateCleared Indicates whether controls contained within this control have control state.
IsEnabled Gets a value indicating whether the control is enabled.
IsTrackingViewState It indicates whether the server control is saving changes to its view state.
IsViewStateEnabled It indicates whether view state is enabled for this control.
LoadViewStateById It indicates whether the control participates in loading its view state by ID instead of index.
Page Page containing the control.
Parent Parent control.
RenderingCompatibility It specifies the ASP.NET version that the rendered HTML will be compatible with.
Site The container that hosts the current control when rendered on a design surface.
SkinID Gets or sets the skin to apply to the control.
Style Gets a collection of text attributes that will be rendered as a style attribute on the outer tag of the Web server control.
TabIndex Gets or sets the tab index of the Web server control.
TagKey Gets the HtmlTextWriterTag value that corresponds to this Web server control.
TagName Gets the name of the control tag.
TemplateControl The template that contains this control.
TemplateSourceDirectory Gets the virtual directory of the page or control containing this control.
ToolTip Gets or sets the text displayed when the mouse pointer hovers over the web server control.
UniqueID Unique identifier.
ViewState Gets a dictionary of state information that saves and restores the view state of a server control across multiple requests for the same page.
ViewStateIgnoreCase It indicates whether the StateBag object is case-insensitive.
ViewStateMode Gets or sets the view-state mode of this control.
Visible It indicates whether a server control is visible.
Width Gets or sets the width of the Web server control.

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