ASP.NET Objects & Namespace

Objects of ASP.NET

Object NameDescriptionFurther Details
ApplicationUsed to access information that is defined for entire applicationExample- Connection string used to connect to database server can be stored in the application object
RequestIt enables ASP .NET applications to access information sent by the client during a Web request. It is a reference of HttpRequest ClassProperties - QueryString , Cookies
ResponseIt enables ASP .NET application to send information to the client. It is a reference of HttpResponse ClassPublic void Write(string) Public void Redirect(string)
ServerIt provides methods that can be used to access the methods and properties of Web Server.Public void Transfer(string)

Namespace of ASP.NET

SystemContains classes for implementing base data types. In Addition, It contains classes for working with date and time
System.WebContains classes and interfaces that enable browser/server communication
System.Web.UIContains the base classes used in building the user Interfaces for ASP .NET page
System.Web.UI.WebControlsContains classes for providing Web Controls
System.DrawingContains classes for providing access to basic graphics functions

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