ASP.NET Control Standard Properties

The following table describes the properties inherited from the Control class:

AppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory Gets or sets the application-relative virtual directory of the Page or UserControl object that contains this control.
BindingContainerThe control that contains this control's data binding
ClientIDThe server control id created by ASP.NET.
Controls Gets a ControlCollection object that represents the child controls for a specified server control in the UI hierarchy.
EnableThemingA value indicating whether or not themes apply to the control
EnableViewStateA value indicating whether or not the control persists its view state, and the view state of any child controls it contains, to the requesting client.
IDThe id assigned to the control
NamingContainerA reference to the server control's naming container
PageA reference to the page that contains the control
ParentA reference to the control's parent
SiteInformation about the container of the current control (Get value only)
TemplateControl A reference to the template that contains the current control
TemplateSourceDirectoryThe virtual directory of the page/control that contains the current control
UniqueIDThe unique id for the server control (Get value only)
VisibleA value indicating whether a control is rendered as UI

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